Raspy and crisp Vocals + songwriter for $199

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Raspy and crisp Vocals + songwriter for $199

I'm a committed and passionate singer and lyricist that wants to work with you!! I have millions of Spotify streams, BBC Radio Airplay, songs signed to labels. – I'm a very creative, easy to work with Topline vocalist and writer. My vocals are versatile and compelling and I love to write great lyrics. Get in touch and let's talk!!!

My name is Joe and I'm a London based Topline singer and writer. I've worked on countless tracks for many different clients. I am very adaptable and can work across many genres and lyrical styles.

I will provide whatever you need for your project... I'll sing your song and can also write lyrics and add harmonies/ad libs as required.

Aside from the demo songs on my profile, all the songs you hear on my profile have been written, recorded and produced by myself including the recording of guitars, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. If you require services beyond my topline service please get in touch.

So as to avoid any confusion, please read my terms and conditions before purchase.

Get in touch today and let's discuss exactly what you need!

Lead vocal singing your lyrics: $199
Harmonies: $79
Full topline - lead vocals, harmonies and lyrics: $349

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  • Beginning
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  • Think About You
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  • She Called Me Crazy
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  • Talk a Good Game

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