Jazz/Pop/Indie/Background for $100

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By MILES SIMMONS

Jazz/Pop/Indie/Background for $100

Professional singer here creating an at home recording studio for your project. I am a "bari-tenor" with jazz, pop, and musical theater chops. I was a military musician in Washington, D.C. for 12 years (singing all styles of music), have worked extensively with my jazz trio in Europe, and have done several theatrical shows. I am currently furloughed from a group called "The Company Men" based out of LA that does mash-ups at the now closed PACs, casinos, and cruise ships.

I am here to offer back-ups and demos and within reason will work until you are satisfied with the project. I am in complete control of my vibrato, so if you want straight tone, vibrato at the end, belting, jazzy sounds, I can do it all. I'll set it at 4 revisions, but I am a perfectionist, so I want you to be happy. It should be noted I have a wide range and a solid, reliable falsetto. I can write lyrics, but that will be negotiated should you want them. Please note: No scatting.

My equipment includes:
-SONY closed back headphones
-RODE NT1-A Microphone
-Audient iD4 USB Audio interface
-MacBook Pro w/16GB Ram
-At home studio for complete control.
Melodyne Interface

  • Broadway
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Lounge
  • Musical theatre
  • Swing


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