record demo or backup vocals for $200

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record demo or backup vocals for $200


I'm a singer-songwriter, and I love helping bring other artists' visions to life. :) If you think my voice is a good fit for your project or demo, you're in the right place!

I'll record lead vocals, and/or arrange & record harmonies or backup vocals. I record at home using a Shure MV51 microphone, and will deliver in the form of isolated .wav files, as well as a demo mix or lyrics PDF when applicable.

To avoid the potential for cancellations: please contact me before placing an order, to tell me a little bit about your project and make sure I'm a good fit and comfortable with your lyrics.

If you plan to sell the song or release commercially: I charge an extra $200 for commercial use, but I offer discounts for small businesses, indie artists, non-profits, or educational use, and I appreciate but don't require royalty splits. Please reach out for a custom offer!

I prefer to keep my freelance work and collaborations separate from my personal releases on my artist profiles. I generally appreciate credit, but please always check with me first before listing me as a featured artist, and never list me as the primary artist.

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arranged & recorded backup vocals for a client
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