Lead and Background Vocals for $150

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Lead and Background Vocals for $150

I record through a Miktek CV4 into a Focusrite Sapphire 18i20. I use Logic to track and edit my vocals!

I always do several takes (as many as necessary to get it just right!), and then I will go through and comp the vocals for you. Vocals are always tuned for you, and typically bounced without any compression, EQ, reverb, etc, However, I am happy to add these effects for you if you wish (please specify before tracks are delivered)!

This price includes one lead vocal track, two harmony parts with doubles (four BGV tracks total), one ad-lib track and one set of edits. Please note that changing the key or bpm after tracking is not considered an edit, and will require starting the project over from scratch. I ask that my clients confirm that they are happy with the key and bpm of the track prior to starting the project to avoid having to charge again!

Additional edits are ALWAYS an option and price is determined based on the size and complexity of the additionally requested edits. I find that we can almost always get the vocals just right after one set of edits (included in this price), as long as communication is effective and clear!

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Good For You

I am the singer and songwriter on this song!
  • Good For You

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