R&B/Soul, Pop Vocals and Songwriting for $150

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R&B/Soul, Pop Vocals and Songwriting for $150

Smooth and diverse vocals for a good price!

Hello! My name is Mar, I'm a session vocalist with a background in a variety of genres with training in jazz, classical and choral music. I can provide a dynamic lead vocal for any track and can arrange and perform interesting and lush background vocals if needed as well. My experience as a frontman for various musical acts as well as a trained choir singer has prepared me for either!

I am a diverse musician who is your eager to help your project be the best it can be. To deliver the perfect vocal performance for your song, I approach each gig with great care and professionalism. I'll take as many revisions as necessary to get the job done.

I am a baritenor (baritone/tenor) with a range from A2 - Bb4 as well as a smooth falsetto range.

Now and Then

A pop song with a gospel touch that I sang lead and backgrounds for.
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