High pitched male vocals for $150

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High pitched male vocals for $150


Embark on an adventurous journey with me where every note tells a story. As a vocalist with a versatile range, I specialize in delivering captivating performances in a variety of genres, including:

- Pop
- Hip-hop
- R&B
- Soul
- Afro-pop
- Dancehall
- Africana
- Jazz+Swing
- Country
- Soft rock
- Gospel
- Blues
- Afrobeats
- Afro-fusions

Fluent in English (American / British) and Nigerian Pidgin, I bring a unique cultural richness to my vocals. Your project deserves vocal artistry that transcends boundaries and, I'm here to make that happen.

Feel free to explore my demos to get a taste of my style. Whether you seek smooth R&B croons, energetic Afrobeat vibes, or soulful Gospel renditions, I am dedicated to tailoring my vocals to suit your vision.

Let's create something extraordinary together. Elevate your project with my vocal expertise because, the journey to vocal excellence begins here."

  • Blues
  • CCM
  • EDM
  • Classical
  • Gospel
  • Hip Hop

Born Free

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  • Born Free
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