Smooth Baritone Vocals for $300

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Smooth Baritone Vocals for $300

Need a smooth baritone voice for your song or audio?

Often compared to Michael Buble, I've been performing and recording vocals for over a decade. I have recorded pop, jazz, adult contemporary, holiday tunes, jingles, classical, and more--check out my demos to hear exactly what I can offer!

I have my own home studio setup with a Neumann TLM 103 microphone and years of audio engineer and mixing experience. Vocals will be clear and polished!

Please send me a message before placing an order, so I can insure that your project is a good fit for what I offer.

**This gig requires that you have a pre-written melody and some sort of demo track or written sheet music. Check out my "songwriting" gig if you're interested in an original composition!

Included revisions are small changes to the vocal track. For example: "Can you hold out this word a bit longer, and try singing this phrase a little bit softer and more intimately." Any changes that require me to re-record the entire vocal take will be an additional charge.

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God Only Knows

Lead Vocal
  • God Only Knows
  • Christmas Song
  • Rainbow Connection

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