Soulful and Sweet Lead or Background Vocals To Spice Up Your Track for $175

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Soulful and Sweet Lead or Background Vocals To Spice Up Your Track for $175

If you are looking for soulful or sweet vocals, you've come to the right place.

For $175 I can provide one of the following:
- A single lead vocal track or/
- Up to 4 Tracks of Harmony Vocals strategically arranged throughout your song or/
- A Specially crafted chorus section with background vocals and a lead vocal up to 7 tracks of vocals with max chorus length of 20 secs.
-Mono Dry Vocal file(s) on separated track(s) delivered in 24bit .wav file format
- 5 days turnaround time (up to 24 hrs available upon special request - based on my availability at the time)
-Up to 2 revisions - however revisions must be to correct something that was initially asked for, and not for additions. To make additions would require an additional fee which can be discussed.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Vocals delivered to you via this particular service is consider work-for-hire. However I do ask that you give credit to: Elishema Mannie where applicable

To get started, I will need the follow:
the instrumental track in .mp3 format
Lyrics to the song – if applicable
A sample of the melody – (I just need a reference of how the melody should go. )

If you need a melody created, I have an additional service for that. Send me a message if interested.

About Songbird21:
Alto / Mezzo/ Soprano singer
Vocal Arranger
Home studio recording capabilities (Pro Tools, Mbox 2 Mini, MXL v67 Microphone)
Fluent in many contemporary styles: Pop, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Opera

Songbird21 is a professionally trained singer and songwriter with over 20 years’ experience working in the music industry as a vocalist. Over the years she has worked on a variety of projects serving as a vocal and songwriter for jingles, assisting songwriters as a demo singer, singing on tracks for hip hop artist and various music producers, singing on radio tags and for product commercials and children’s songs for television. Currently based in Chicago, IL Songbird21 has worked in-studio as well as remotely with brands, artist, songwriters, Dj’s, composers, and producers around the world from USA, Germany, Spain, West Africa, and a host of others. She is also a self-taught music engineer and prides herself on being able to deliver top quality work from her home studio in a timely manner.

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