Male Lead Vocals/Backgrounds Warm tone/Versatile for $249

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Male Lead Vocals/Backgrounds Warm tone/Versatile for $249

I'm an LA session singer currently working in the entertainment industry for media brands including FOX, Disney, Geico, ABC, Atlantic Records, Comedy Central, Netflix, Electronic Arts Inc., LinkedIn, Western Union and Sounds Like That among others.

Additionally, I have over 15 years of studio and live experience singing for demos, albums and film scores as well as concerts and live productions! I have a degree in Commercial Music from Azusa Pacific University and can read sheet music or learn by ear. I sing pop, musical theater, crooner, soul, barbershop, classical/choral. Check out my demos for examples!

My voice is similar to artists like Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Ben Platt among others. I have a tenor vocal range from A2 to F5.

The product:
WAV files of lead vocal track & backing vocals - un-produced, with basic harmony parts (usually on the chorus).

My home studio set-up:
Mojave MA-201FET & Vanguard V13
pop filter
Apollo Twin Duo
Logic Pro X
Waves/iZotope/Melodyne/UA plugins.

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