Pop/RnB Vocals for $300

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Pop/RnB Vocals for $300

With over 16 years of experience writing and recording, I have crafted a totally unique sound and style to offer.

I have a home studio with a dragonfly blue mic, an MBOX pro interface and use Logic Pro X for recording and editing my vocals. I have been recording in studios since I was 8 years old and have experience writing in many different genres including: RnB, Jazz, EDM, Pop, Pop/Rock and Country.

My services include: 3 raw takes for $300.00 USD per song . I will do up to 3 revisions (each revision including 3 new raw takes). Any additional revisions will be $75 a piece.

  • Country
  • EDM
  • Pop

LO - Like That

Pop/RnB Sample
  • LO - Like That
  • LO - Soul + Body
  • LO - Fire
  • LO - Burning Building
  • Cosmow Ft. LO - Standout
  • Cosmow Ft. LO - Undaunted Limits
  • LO ft. Dustin Lyon - Elevator Drama

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