Background Vocals BgV: My Arrangement ALL STYLES/GENRES for $125

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Background Vocals BgV: My Arrangement ALL STYLES/GENRES for $125

This service is for one song on an independently produced project where I arrange the vocal parts (see my other background vocal service including your vocal arrangement). As a veteran singer, producer and arranger (both vocal and instrumental arrangements) in the music biz with a notable resume (see below), my vocal arrangements always perfectly match the song. I've been doing this a long time. By allowing me to create the best arrangement for your song, the process will be more efficient, will sound great, and will likely have a faster turnaround time. By trusting me with your BgV arrangement, I charge less per song.

I provide a minimum of 6 vocal tracks in a variety of configurations, depending on the song. This may include 2 parts that are tripled (3 tracks for each part) or 3 parts that are doubled (2 track for each part). Usually, I provide 3 parts tripled (3 tracks for each part), and give you more than you really need, with details on how I would pick and choose parts, copy and paste for thickening, etc. However, these extra tracks are done at my discretion. And for this price point, I do not provide revisions. (my other BgV service allows you to control the arrangement and it comes with 1 revision).

My gear is simple but amazing. I sing into an Advanced Audio CM47 mic (Neumann U47/48 clone) into a Universal Audio Twin Duo with an API channel strip plugin with very little compression and EQ. After that, everything is dry and.

I do not tune my vocals. I'll leave that choice up to you. I do provide vocal tuning services here.

I list the "Maximum Days to Complete" as 14 days. My normal turnaround is much faster than that. However, I put that in there for the times I'm very busy and for buyers that are purchasing multiple songs.

A little about me: I've been a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, trumpet player, arranger, producer in Nashville since 1997. I have toured/recorded with artists including Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Toby Keith, Trisha Yearwood, Keb Mo, The Mavericks, and Will Hoge (and hundreds more you've never heard of). Please check out my other services.

Scotty Huff BgV Comp

Includes BgV work with Keith Urban, Will Hoge, and a duet with Rachel Proctor.
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