Pro Female Vocal Tracks With Various Styles for $150

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Pro Female Vocal Tracks With Various Styles for $150

Hi everyone..
My name is Aliceleonz, you can call me aL.
I'm a singer/ songwriter based in Indonesia.

I work consistently with producers/songwriters from many different parts of the world, such as USA, German, Italy, Rusia, Sweden, England, Japan, Rome, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India, Turky, China, etc.

I have been working with many different kinds of people for years through the internet and it has shape and taught me a lot of things.

Eventhough I came from Indonesia, I have no problem to work with people with different language and culture, I can speak english very well so don’t worry.

People who have worked with me, always satisfied with my vocal works and also I provide great quality of raw unedited vocal track for a professional recording needs.

I’m a chameleon singer (can change various styles depending on the song’s need),
I have already made hundreds of vocal tracks, for multiple genres, such as Pop, Dance, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, funk, Fusion, Hip Hop, Blues, Soul, Folk, etc.

With a wide vocal range, I can create an excellent vocal tracks and harmonies, that will suit the song.
Not only that, I’ve been singing a different language other than English & Bahasa as a request,
like in Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Sanskrit, Japanese, Spanish.
I can sounds like a little kid, teenage, and mature woman.
I can give you a light voice tone and also a heavy soulful voice as well.
Just tell what kind of vocal style that you want, or give me your suggestions,
Or I can also help you to find the vocal style that will suit your song.

After everything I have written above,
I am professional, passionate, hardworking singer,
who always put my heart ad soul in every song that I sing.
I treated all those song as my own baby,
so I can assure you that I will do all my best
when I produce my vocal tracks.
And I’m very confident to my ability.

Now for my tech specs,
I record my vocal in my home studio,
using :
Logic ProX and garage band
Rode NT1A microphone,
My vocal recording room is sound proof
Saffire 6 USB Focusrite sound card.
I can give you all of the raw vocal tracks,
so you can mixed and edited easily.
Usually my client prefer 16 / 24 bit wav mono.

But I also can give you a ready to go vocal mix
that I put together.
For Harmonies, I usually do 2 layers with 2 times vocal takes.
Just tell me what you need.

Thank you and looking forward to create the magical music with you.

PS: You can check my vocal sample in my Soundcloud & Reverbnation

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