Dialogue Editing and Sound Design For Your Videos or Content for $100

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Dialogue Editing and Sound Design For Your Videos or Content for $100

Is your production missing audio elements that keep it from sounding as good as it looks? I can enhance your videos with professional audio and sound design to take your production to the next level. Here is what you get with this service:
-Dialogue editing (This includes noise removal, mixing, and processing effects for all dialogue and voiceover tracks.)
-Creating custom sounds effects for your videos. This includes background/ambient sound, special effects, and folly.
-Mixing and processing effects for all sound-designed tracks.
-Incorporating music bed tracks and balancing them. (Licensed and cleared music must be provided. Composing background music is not included in this service.)
-Mixing the entire project and providing a print master file.
-If you need stems for dialogue, effects, and music, they can be provided upon request. Also, a music and effects dub can be included.

***This service is for shorter video formats.***

More about John Owings:
I graduated from Fullsail in 2019 earning a degree in Audio Production. I have been a professional musician for over 20 years and working as a professional sound engineer for the last 5 years.

Insurance Maestro Commercial

This is an example of dialogue editing, mixing, and sound design.
  • Insurance Maestro Commercial

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