Unique sounds and SFX short for $50

In Sound Design By Nuno Pinto de Carvalho

Unique sounds and SFX short for $50

- Custom made sound-design
- Active music producer & sound designer for 10+ years
- High quality beeps, one-shots, foley, jingles and more
- Suited for animations, theater, web, radio, commercial, etc
- Short version - less than 5 seconds of audio!

Good quality audio with production software, synthesizers and professional gear for recording live instruments and foley.

Some sounds take an hour to make, while jingles may be a bit more.

Message me with your project details and I’ll be happy to send you a custom quote!

Sound Design - warning

sfx for
  • Sound Design - warning
  • Sound Design - incoming splash
  • Sound Design - short call
  • Sound Design - found gold

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