Professional Sound Design for Film, TV, Commercials, Video Games for $250

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Professional Sound Design for Film, TV, Commercials, Video Games for $250

We at Key Sound Records will develop your outline utilizing the latest analog tools as well as digital technology, virtual instruments as well as live recording and various sample and SFX libraries. Our staff can produce custom music and environment suitable to your style, sound, video and/or composition in keeping with todays record standards, bringing your “snapshot” into full focus.
KeySound Records is New York based company in collaboration with professional composers, engineers, producers, programmers and artists.
We at KeySound Records are embarking on a new era in recording technology. It's now possible to cut production time while improving on quality and versatility of audio production. Our professionally trained staff will develop any idea from inception to completion, combining all production facets in one efficient service. No more running from place to place to get your completed high-end industry standard audio track. Now writing, arrangements composing, sound design, mixing, mastering and any variation on the theme handled by us. Please ,feel free to review our works on SoundCloud and more offers with "Air Gigs".

$250- for 30sec. project
$500- for 60sec. project - order this gig twice

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