Professional Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Steel, Dobro - 3 Tracks On Your Song Any Genre for $100

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Professional Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Steel, Dobro - 3 Tracks On Your Song Any Genre for $100

Hello, my name is Cole Rudy and I am a Colorado-based pro multi-instrumentalist. I offer guitar, mandolin, and lap steel guitar tracks for your project and provide a quick turnaround from my home studio. Please check out my audio examples below. Let me know what you're thinking idea-wise and what gear to be used. I have been playing and recording music for 30 years and have worked in most genres of music. Happy to consult via Zoom.

Recording gear:
2023 Mac Mini M2 running Ableton 11
Universal Audio Apollo x8p interface
Neumann TLM 103 mic
matched pair SE SE7 overhead mics
Dynaudio BM5A monitors
sound treated dry recording space
professional recording baffles
Tascam 22-4 1/4" 4 track reel to reel (I can record to tape if desired for an additional $50)
PRO VLA II Two Channel Vactrol/Tube Limiting Amplifier
PRO VLAII Two Channel Tube Microphone Amplifier
Klark Teknik EQP-KT Tube Equalizer
BBE Sonic Maximizer

Music gear:

2021 Gibson ES-335
1960's Silverton 1446 (the 'Chris Isaak' guitar)
2019 McGibney 70's Telecaster
2023 McGibney franken-strat with humbuckers
2021 McGibney Jazz Master (Elvis Costello model clone)
2022 McGibney 8 string lap steel
2010 Eastwood Airline lap steel
1950's Oahu 6 string lap steel
2010 Regal RD-52 Black Lightning Dobro
1970's Sho Bud Pedal Steel E9 12 string single neck
2010 Cordoba tenor ukelele

2004 Martin DM dreadnaught guitar
1990's Guild D4-10NT 12 string guitar
2010 Epiphone MM50 mandolin (sounds amazing)
2010 Regal RD-52 Black Lightning dobro
2010 Cordoba tenor ukelele

1965 Fender Super Reverb
1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1978 Fender Twin
1978 Fender Champ
2020 Champ clone head with every available Champ mod on switches, and run through a 70's Acoustic 15" cab
1968 Sunn 1200S (HUGE clean tones)
2000 Fender Blues Junior
2021 1950's Tweed Fender Champ clone (that I built)
Line 6 Native plugin (any amp/cab/effect)
Neural DSP Cory Wong Archetype

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Bluegrass
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • Country

Acoustic Guitar and Dobro

  • Acoustic Guitar and Dobro
  • Lap Steel solo
  • Telecaster funk rock solo
  • Mandolin Folk solo tremolo picking
  • Jazz Master funk solo
  • Dobro solo country
  • God Only Knows - Beach Boys - Acoustic Guitar Arrangement by Cole Rudy

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