Instrumentalist: Singer / Guitar / Bass / Sitar / Harmonica / Synths / Percussion for $135

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Instrumentalist: Singer / Guitar / Bass / Sitar / Harmonica / Synths / Percussion for $135

Hello there!. My name is Juan Mariano Taboada and I am a professional Musician (Singer / Guitar / Sitar / Bass / Synths / Harmonica / Percussion), Music Producer, Sound Engineer and Cinema Sound Director and I work mainly in two different Recording Studios both with high end first class quality equipment such as Neumann, Neve, API, Telefunken, RCA, Manley, Chandler, etc. As an instrumentalist, side man or session player I have participated in over 200 professional albums with some of the biggest names in Argentinean music, worked in international movie soundtracks and made Sound Design for films among other projects combining in my workflow the best of analog gear tradition with the unlimited digital modern resources. From classical music to Pop, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Electronic, Acoustic, Reggae, World Music, etc. you name it!. Working mainly in ProTools. I like to collaborate with proactive artists that know what they want and help them create their vision!.

Services: Full Music Production, Composer, Arranger, Mixing, Mastering and Recording Engineer, Session Musician, Sound Design, Film Scoring, Cinema Sound Direction, Audiovisual Record, Mix & Master.

You can read more or write me at:

IG: @j.marianotaboada

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  • Soul
  • Blues
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  • Pop-Rock

JMT - Auindoui

The family song
  • JMT - Auindoui

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