Music Composing for $300

In Misc Instrumental By Justin Rayna

Music Composing for $300

I am a prolific composer and mix engineer with over 20 years experience writing in multiple genres. I have a unique voice with a contemporary flare.

I will take your music ideas and bring them to life! Whether you have only lyrics and need new music for them, or if you have a melody and need an instrumental track, or if you have a backing track and need a melody... from classical to contemporary, orchestral to jazz, pop to hip-hop, I look forward to helping you meet your music needs and build your music dreams!

  • Broadway
  • Swing
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop-Rock
  • Classical
  • World

Clarity & Point

Contemporary Instrumental
  • Clarity & Point
  • If They Could See Me (DEMO)
  • Paul

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