Instrumentals, theme song ,arrangments for $150

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Instrumentals, theme song ,arrangments for $150

Have you ever searched for a song to sing along to and you can't find anything on the web?

Well, this is your lucky day because i can make you an instrumental remake of your favorite band/song, for personal use in no time.

I deliver a high quality sound and a very professional result.

Please CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER! I need to check first if i'm able to work on your track, since there's some genres or songs i can't do.
Instrumentals can be as professional as any song, but don't expect a clone of the original song. For obvious reasons (producing tools, studios, equalization, mixing / mastering) the final result is as close as the original but is not the same song. I also deliver a basic master. I'm not a mastering engineer.

Remakes are made with digital instruments.

  • Pop
  • Gospel
  • EDM
  • Hip Hop
  • Classical
  • Trap

Rnb beat

i also played the piano in west coast style for this
  • Rnb beat
  • Afro beat

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