Production, Composition, Piano and String Arrangements for $400

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Production, Composition, Piano and String Arrangements for $400

I'm an experienced composer and producer. I worked with various production companies over the years, notably Xenomania where I worked with some great artists such as Pet shop Boys, Girls Aloud and Gossip. My role was providing backing tracks, piano ideas and full songs. I work well to a brief and I'm incredibly passionate. If you have a specific genre, vibe or idea you want to run with and turn it into professional production I can help. I will normally provide several sketches of which you can choose the best idea you'd like to run with. I feel this helps in nailing the sound you want as investing time in one composition at the early stages can use time that is better spent on later stages of production.

Don't Cut Your Angels

  • Don't Cut Your Angels
  • Folk Violin With Piano And Beat
  • Piano Trip Hop
  • Dream

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