Intro / Outro Sound Effects and Music for YouTube or Podcasts for $50

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Intro / Outro Sound Effects and Music for YouTube or Podcasts for $50

I am providing excellent quality custom intro/outro sounds for YouTube or Podcasts!

These can be in a rock/metal style performed with live instruments or electronic style made with top-level synths and sound design. Whether you want a sound effect or a piece of music to accompany your intro sequence, I can provide a top quality professional service! Please see the attached examples of my work.

- Flat rate for all work
- Rock or electronic style
- Music or sound effect
- Up to 15 seconds
- Provided as a mastered WAV file ready for use

If you have an intro video already made then I can compose the sounds to match but please note that the finished sound will be delivered as an audio WAV file, not video. This is to avoid complications with frame rates etc. when you are putting your videos together.

When ordering please get in touch to provide:

- A description of what you would like your sound/music to be.
- Up to 3 reference tracks which I will use during the production process. These can be links to songs or existing YouTube channels whose music you would like yours to be influenced by.
- Any video that you would like me to match the sound to. I recommend for this (up to 2GB free file transfer).

  • Electronic
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Ambient
  • Classical

Rock Intro/Outro

  • Rock Intro/Outro
  • Ambient Electronic Intro/Outro
  • Radio Static Sound Effect Intro/Outro
  • Electronic Intro/Outro

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