create or remake game music into epic orchestral version for $80

In Misc Instrumental 100% Guarantee By Mattia D'Ambros

create or remake game music into epic orchestral version for $80

!Please contact me before place the order! Thank You.

Only $80 for a 120 seconds original or a remake of Music/Soundtrack into Epic/Orchestral for your Game, Project, Youtube Channel, Podcast, etc.

(Standard and Premium Packages has discounts)

This gig includes:
・1 original or remake (cover) of game music into Epic/Orchestral for your Project
・Unlimited number of instruments for ALL THE PACKAGES!
・Deliver in WAV. and MP3.
・Depending on your order a number of revisions are included!

Copyright Information
Depending on the type of project, I’m open to discuss details about the copyright, exclusivity and eventual royalties ownership.

・Depending on the length and complexity of the order, some points may be subject of changes.
・In case of a remake, please consult first. There are rare cases in which the order cannot be executed.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project. I assure you that together we can reach the perfect result regarding the music you are looking for.

I'm looking forward to work together and start another exciting music adventure!

Mattia D'Ambros

  • Classical
  • Musical theatre
  • Ambient
  • World

Genshin Impact - Rex Incognito

  • Genshin Impact - Rex Incognito
  • Destiny _Rise Of Iron - Aksis Theme (Cover/Remake)
  • A Hard Task - Boss Battle (Original)
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses - God Shattering Star (Rain)_Orchestral Arrangement

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