Record a high fidelity piano or keyboard track for your song for $275

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Record a high fidelity piano or keyboard track for your song for $275

Jazz or jazz-inspired keys to add depth to your tracks. I'm fluent in a range of styles from straight ahead, to gospel, to blues and soul. Think everything from Bill Evans to Ray Charles to Richard Tee to Professor Longhair to Billy Joel to Matt Rollings to Nils Frahm to Elton John to The Bad Plus.

I give every track I work on the care I would give my own. I aim to make something creative and intersting, but not obtrusive. Something that makes the track really sparkle.

I've recorded internationally with numerous artists including Matt Berninger, Ron Miles, Nina Storey and Janet Feder. I've played for gospel churches and high profile jazz and pop gigs including for the Denver Broncos, the Coors family, and theatre artist Bill Pullman.

I work with the absolute highest end piano, electric piano, organ and synth samples from Synthogy, Pianoteq, Soniccouture, Spitfire, and Native Instruments. I can also help you place the track well in your mix, if needed. I've invested thousands of dollars in these samples so you don't have to!

Or, if you prefer, I have a vintage Rhodes Mark II Stage piano here in my studio that I can record live for you.

If there's no chart for the tune, I can make a straightforward one for an additional $75.

Contact me regarding other composition, mixing or production/arranging services.

  • Jazz
  • Gospel
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Pop

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