Keyboards on your track for $150

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Keyboards on your track for $150

Ecuadorian-based piano player here! I've been playing the piano for the past 22 years, and teaching it for the past 10. I will play some keys in the style of your choice! From jazz and funk to salsa and boleros. I can also record solos for you and compose pieces of music on the piano for your project. Just send me the audio, a lead sheet (if you have it) and let's get to work!

I'm a professional jazz piano player graduated from a Berklee BIN, I play fancy chords and whacky solos for a living.

  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Latin
  • Funk
  • Blues
  • Pop

Bossa solo and light comp

Modern comping and improv
  • Bossa solo and light comp
  • Soloing over Viva De Funk

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