Creative Keyboards/Piano/Synth for $75

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Creative Keyboards/Piano/Synth for $75

At the bottom of this job description you will find various links to music I've worked on . . .

I will put keyboards/piano/synth sounds on a track that fits the style of:
-rock/pop rock/alternative rock
-and I'm open to trying many different genres (I have been told I have a good ear)

I would describe myself as a creative keyboardist, with an ear for catchy or iconic parts. As I am also a songwriter, I always hear the song first, and try to come up with parts and sounds that help facilitate the message, meaning, or vibe of the song.

I will do one track for $75, with 2 additional revisions ($10 per revision after that) if necessary, and however many tracks I (or you) think are necessary.

I can put piano, synth, strings, clavinet, organ, electric piano, and many other different kinds of sampled instruments on your track — whatever you want.
I will work hard to get whatever you give me to work on perfect!

I can give you all of this all different formats such as MIDI, audio, mp3, wave, etc.. I hope we can make great music together!

More specifically:
Songs I've played PIANO on:





  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Blues

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