Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synths and more for your song for $80

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Piano, Rhodes, Organ, Synths and more for your song for $80

If you have a song and need piano or keyboards on it, I'm the person for you.

I will replicate a keyboard line you already have or create a new one as needed. Whether you have finished arrangement, a rough demo or just a vocal melody, I can work on it for you.

I can also replicate a keyboard part of an existing song for a cover or create a different version with the keyboard sounds of your choice.

Whether it's a piano, synth, organ or orchestra driven song or any other type of sounds you'd like me to record, I will do it. I'll also edit all tracks and do a little pre-mixing so you'll only need to worry about puting the tracks into your DAW software and start the mixing process.

At the end of the process, I will provide all individual tracks in 24 bitrate 48k sample rate resolution in wav format + MIDI files.

I'm a classical trained piano player with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano and over 25 years of experience. My gear is a digital piano being used as a controller connected to a laptop running VSTs such as Spectrasonics Omnisphere for synth sounds and Keyscape for piano and electric piano sounds.

My typical turn around is up to 4 days, but contact me if you need your job done faster and, if it's possible, I'll make it happen.

For samples of my work you can check out my portfolio here and also these links below:

My solo work: https://bit.ly/LaniakeaEP
My band Sigma Project album: http://bit.ly/RealityField
My YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/Neemias-YT

Let me help you to have the best possible keyboard line for your song/project, so feel free to contact me now!

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  • Pop
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Christian
  • Reggae

Vega by Neemias Teixeira

Instrumental track from my second EP Laniakea
  • Vega by Neemias Teixeira
  • Till Heaven Calls

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