I won the 1st prize in the XI piano composition competition “Fidelio 2020” where participated near 150 composers from different countries . I am a pro musician graduated in classical piano with a large experience in latin, jazz and retro pop (50s to 80s). I was hired like arranger, for a piano solo bonus track, for a composer that won a Bronze Medal Winner Global Music Awards in 2016 . The rest of tracks were performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. This is the cd available on itunes:


I have travelled to several countries performing piano recitals (Germany, Austria, Uruguay, Colombia, Canada). My piano teacher specialized in Juilliard School of Music in New York with Adele Marcus.

I am working actually as online session musician, teacher and creator.

I am a performer, arranger and composer not only for keys/piano but sequencer creating vintage and modern styles piano works, Hollywood romantic orchestrations and retro bands simulations.

When I work with a client I send the progress little by little, discussing if it needs corrections.