Hi, i am a time traveller like musician because i can arrange and compose with styles of differents eras and top rated studio in Airgigs. You can hear my last piano solo arrangement for a professional production in this cd avalaible in itunes with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra (track 12):


I am a pro musician graduated in classical piano with a large experience in latin, jazz and retro pop (50s to 70s). My piano teacher specialized in Juilliard School with Adele Marcus and her first teacher studied with Margit Varro, a great hungarian pedagogue that studied with one of the latest Liszt's pupils.

I am a performer, arranger and composer not only for keys/piano but sequencer creating vintage piano works, Hollywood romantic orchestrations and retro bands simulations.

When i work with a client i'll send the project progress little by little, discussing if it needs corrections or if it's right, in order to be secure of the approval and don't wait to the end to send all the work.

You have only to hear my demos and you'll hear all kind of differents styles, i am a theater actor too and thanks to that i can find the exact emotional expresion of the essence of the style and its original era, a 1920s style work will sound like a 20s piece, a retro 60s or 70s pop theme too. You can watch my youtube videos where i talk and play, my youtube channel is: