Full Piano Accompaniment for $200

In Piano, Keys, Synth By Kamber Kigin

Full Piano Accompaniment for $200

My clients often ask me to record a full piano accompaniment, whether it's for a backing track for a YouTube cover video, a pop and/or singer-songwriter ballad, or a religious/sacred track. This involves some extra composition and arrangement work so I charge a bit more than I would for a simple melodic piano or synth line.

My studio is based in Nashville, TN, (Harmonics House) where I record with my audio engineer. We use my Kawai ES-100, which has a stunning grand piano sound perfect for any project.

My workflow involves a few simple steps! Once we decide to go through with a project, I start working on the arrangement. At that time, I will send a "test demo" for the client to listen to and make sure they are happy with the direction the project is going! If not, I will make adjustments as needed. Then, I always send the finished track via Dropbox link. Once the funds are released, I am happy to send separate stems if applicable (strings, vocals, additional file formats, etc). For any project, I am always willing to do no more than three revisions at a time. I always encourage clients to be specific, include song references or other examples, and anything else that can describe exactly what they are looking for!

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