Tasteful Keyboard Parts for $75

In Piano, Keys, Synth By Darius Mines

Tasteful Keyboard Parts for $75

Keyboards on records can make or break a record; choosing the right sounds and feel can be a task that is just as daunting. My name is Darius Mines, I'm a producer and keyboardist based in Nashville, TN that aims to take the pressure off of getting the best keyboard performance for the record.

Instead of just one or two keyboard tracks, I'll send you every sound that may fit. Cutting real instruments and synths through vintage pres, the sound will be sure to add what it is you hear, and maybe add some things you may not have heard. You'll receive stereo stems of each sound that are yours to use however you desire.

I can't wait to hear what we can create together!

Let's create the magic! - Darius

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