I will record piano and synth tracks for your song for $40

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By Arcangelo Trabucco

I will record piano and synth tracks for your song for $40

Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin and other styles!!!

I will record a high quality piano or synth track for your song.

I can record your backing track of your favorite song entirely with the piano in your key, over an existing pre-produced track, for your big band arrangement with comping and solo, for videos on your Youtube channel and more..
Please contact me first before ordering so I can tell you precisely the price of my work according to your needs.

*the price may vary based on the complexity of the stem...

BASIC (Add 1 Piano/Synth stem in a song) $45

If you need a piano or synth track to add to your existing mix of your song

STANDARD (1 Piano backing track) $70

Tell me the key and I will record your backing track completely with the piano

PREMIUM (3 Piano/Synth tracks) $85

I will record three piano/keyboards tracks in the mix of your song or backing track

I will put all my experience and passion into my work for YOU!

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock

My piano intro in

  • My piano intro in
  • my synth solo...
  • Black Velvet
  • my Solo in Invocations
  • my Solo in Hexachordal Morning
  • my Solo in How big is love
  • my Solo in In attesa del sole nero
  • Take my breath away (Piano and Vocal)

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