record hammond organ/e-piano/synth for your song for $80

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record hammond organ/e-piano/synth for your song for $80

Do you need flawless organ parts, smooth electric pianosounds like fender rhodes/wurlitzers, dreamy pads, analogue synth-parts or just all of them on your track? You met the right guy. I'm not happy with the sounds until you are. Open and clear communication is important. Text me before ordering a gig. I offer free previews, so you can hear how it will sound on your track! I can follow chord progressions, any type of instructions. I studied jazz, blues, folk, rock and many more genres at several music schools in sweden. I also play in a lot of different groups live and in studios. Just give me a text!
I have acces to: Hammond b3, hammond L-100, Korg Prologue, Korg sv1, Nord electro 6, Fender rhodes.. I use a universal audio twin duo to record.

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Playing hammond organ and wurlitzer on this
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