Keyboardist Available for $95

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By Ryan McNevin

Keyboardist Available for $95


Need keys on your next project? Versatile player. 20+ years of recording and studio experience, live performances, and composition. Very quick turnaround and excellent communication. Let's chat!

Roland Fantom X8
Roland FP-3
Roland Juno 106
Roland V Synth (VC2 Expansion)
Roland JP-8000
Roland D-50
Roland Jupiter 80
Roland SH-201
Roland VK-7
Roland JV-2080
Roland Juno Di

Software Available:
Reason 10.3
Omnisphere 2.5
Vocal Synth 2
Arturia Bundle
KORG Legacy
Native Instruments
Addictive Keys Bundle

  • Ambient
  • Pop-Rock
  • EDM
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Pop

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