Top Quality Piano/Keyboard Track for $40

In Piano, Keys, Synth 100% Guarantee By Brian Barber

Top Quality Piano/Keyboard Track for $40

For this gig I will be working as your personal session musician to provide a professional quality piano or keyboard track for your project.

I hold a Master of Music in piano with 20+ years of experience playing. I’m just as comfortable reading sheet music as I am improvising. As a working musician I’ve played with many bands and in MANY different genres. I’m just as comfortable performing classical music as I am with rock, pop, musical theatre, jazz and more!

The way this works is you send me a short description of your project as well as either the sheet music, lead sheet, chords, mp3, or any other relevant file.

Please contact me before booking a gig!

  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Musical theatre
  • Folk
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Jazz

Liszt - Liebestraum no.3

An example of my classical playing/recording
  • Liszt - Liebestraum no.3
  • Carolina in my Mind - James Taylor
  • Shakedown Street (piano solo) - Grateful Dead

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