Real Organ, Piano, and Synths On Your Track By A Real Nashville Session Musician for $75

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Real Organ, Piano, and Synths On Your Track By A Real Nashville Session Musician for $75

Need keys on your tracks or a full blown production? I'm an up and coming producer and keyboardist based in East Nashville. I've worked with Meredith Andrews (Vertical Church Band), Lindsay McCaul, Steve Reischl (NewSong), alt rock group Evans Blue, and many more. I love helping young artists produce their sound, and building keyboard tracks for seasoned pros.

I'd love to help you with your project. Let's get started today!


"I've worked with many top name producers, musicians, and artists over the last 27 years, and I count Eric among the best. He is a truly gifted and talented musician and producer, and all around great guy who will go the extra mile. I'm always looking for ways to do more work with Eric, as I know we'll get amazing results."

- Marc Frigo

Mix Engineer- Jewel, Michael McDonald, Dolly Parton

"Not only is Eric among the best keyboardist, programmer, string arranger etc that I've worked with, Eric is also the nicest, most sincere human beings I've encountered!

-Trevor Kustiak

Producer- Evans Blue, Mercury City

"I can't say enough good about Eric. And the only bad I can say is if he's working with you, consequently he's not working with me!!! And I'm selfish! But I was taught to share, so take advantage of my kindness and call Eric for your music every chance you get! I do. Amazing gift, great ear, gear guru, servants heart, a great leader and follower."

- Joe Banua

American Idol Finalist, Artist

Gear List

1972 Vintage Baldwin Piano
1958 Vintage Hammond Drawbar Organ
1965 Leslie 145 Rotary Speaker
Nord Stage 2
Apogee Quartet
Focal Speakers
Rode NTK Microphone Modded w/ 1960's Telefunken Tube
LASS String Library
Fully Equipped Production Studio

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