Remote Piano/Keyboard Recording Midi or Live for $150

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Remote Piano/Keyboard Recording Midi or Live for $150

As a film composer, high quality and expressive piano recordings have been an integral part of my process. And I've spent plenty of time tweaking my setup. Trained as a classical and jazz pianist, spending time professionally in Cuba, Lebanon, Kansas City, and New York, playing with all sorts of people in all sorts of styles, the intersection of performance and production was inevitable.

I have a versatile set-up to get the most particular sound you're looking for.

I have Embertone, East West piano samples, a Casio Privia, as and everything in between, to provide audios or midis of keyboard parts, with as much production (reverb/EQ) or as little as desired. Have many reverbs, Valhalla, Blackhole, and QL Spaces are my most used ones.

Very familiar with filmic, jazz, Afro-Cuban, classical, music-theatre, and pop styles. Fluent in ProTools, Logic, and Cubase. Able to provide 2-3 revisions of stereo or mono tracks, either in ProTools as playlists, Logic, or Cubase sessions, or wavs/mp3s.

Starting at $130 an hour, happy to put together an estimate w/a cap. If you'd like a live piano, we can organize a studio date, though it will cost a bit extra.

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Opera
  • Broadway
  • Neo soul

Folie a deux

Solo piano, classical (from my album, Dust and Ions)
  • Folie a deux
  • Star Trails
  • Manicure

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