I will record world class keyboards and effects for you for $150

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I will record world class keyboards and effects for you for $150

Hi, I am Gabriel, from Audioman Studio;

Whether it's acoustic piano, rodhes/wurlitzer, B3 organ, or some synth stuff, I can do it, and take your track to a world class level.

You will receive .wav files and MIDI as well, so that you can alter and play with sounds on your own while you're mixing.

Each gig comes with up to 3 different instrument tracks - AT LEAST - (piano and 2 synths, 3 synths, piano, organ and clavinet, whatever instrumentation you need is good!)

I'll be using professional gear and real analog synths for your recording, with a powerfull sound (24bit)


Why should we work together?

I love the challenge of giving life through music.

I offer a personal treat to each of my projects. Every piece of music I make is made specifically for each and every client I work with.

I offer:

- A Signed Statement ( If it is original ) that gives power of rights and copyright of the track
- Personal treat.
- Full communication and comprehension with you
- Patience to try to understand your ideas
- Great work relationship

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • EDM
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • World

Bossa Lounge

  • Bossa Lounge
  • Synth demo
  • Jazz piano

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