Electronic Rock - Piano / Synth / Organ tracks for $60

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Electronic Rock - Piano / Synth / Organ tracks for $60

I write uncomplicated keyboard parts that enhance the harmonic content of a song and stay out of the way of the melody. Big fan of Rhodes / Wurlitzer + B3.

Send me a song if you need help with keys or electronic elements. Let me know if you have something in mind already or if not, I will come up with something that I think sounds cool. I'll do three tracks, but I'd rather the song have as many or as few keyboard parts as it needs than nitpick over the number of tracks.

I am used to playing rock, electronic and alternative music. I was in a cover band recently and we did a bunch of 70s funk and disco stuff, that was cool, too. I love jazz but I'm not too into playing jazz piano.

GEAR: My piano is a Mason & Hamlin full upright, recorded in mono through a Rode NTK w/ a vintage Telefunken EC88 tube, or in stereo with something I borrow from my neighbor's studio, either a matched pair of condenser or ribbon mics.

Piano tuned June 10, 2019!

I live in the middle of nowhere, so if you want some birds chirping or weird shit like that in the background, I can wheel the piano out to the front door.

I've written music for commercials, TV and film. I've been playing piano for over 30 years and programming synths for over 20. I have also been playing guitar for almost 25 years. I attended both the Berklee College of Music and Temple University's Esther Boyer College of Music.

HARDWARE SYNTHS: Access Virus TI/Korg MS2000/Novation Circuit/Roland SH-32. I don't have a ton of gear, however I know how to use what I have very well.
SOFT SYNTHS: I have several, but my preference is to use outboard gear. I use the electronic keyboards / organs from Mainstage when needed.
DAW & INTERFACE: Apogee Duet going to Ableton 9.

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'You Cannot Be Done' - Justin Pritchard

I played a live Hammond M3 and soft synth Rhodes on this track
  • 'You Cannot Be Done' - Justin Pritchard
  • 'Sleepers Awake' - Cowalker
  • 'Rosemary's Song' - Justin Pritchard

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