Keys for your song for $100

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Keys for your song for $100

Hello! I'm Marco from Argentina.
I play many styles, like rock, pop, r&b, funk, etc

You send me the track (sync to a BPM tempo or not) and tell me about what you need me to record. I will record all the needed keys (7+ tracks!) in sync with the track and send you a rough mix for revision. When you are happy with the recordings I will send the tracks in the required format.
Almost 100% of my recordings are made with the excellent virtual instruments that we can have today. That gives me the option of changing the sounds or tweak them after the performance is the right one

If you have any questions just let me know, I will answer it as quickly as I can

Yamaha MODX6
Roland RD-150
Roli seaboard rise 25
Komplete audio 6 mk2
Korg Kross
Novation X-Station
MicroKorg XL +

Recording soft & plugins:
Cubase Pro 12
Komplete 14 Collector´s edition
Omnisphere 2.8
Keyscape 1.5
Falcon 2.8
BBC Symphonic Orchestra Pro

  • Funk
  • Prog rock
  • Rock
  • Electronic
  • Neo soul

Savia - Tridimensional

I did keys and cowrite with the band
  • Savia - Tridimensional

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