Pro Pop/Rock Vocals with Large Range for $250

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Pro Pop/Rock Vocals with Large Range for $250

You need vocals for your song, so why not hire a top-rated professional?

My name is KD and I'm a professional studio vocalist and singer in a signed and national touring pop band from Nashville, TN. I have a very dynamic and versatile voice and vocal range that will bring your song to another level. I have much knowledge of vocal production in the studio and am confident I can bring your vision for the vocals of your song to reality.

The process is simple.
You send me your instrumental, lyrics, and a reference of the melody and I send you high quality vocals for you to drag and drop onto your track.

You will receive a lead vocal with doubles, harmonies, and any other BGVs needed. All vocals will be high quality, clear and crisp.

$250 - Includes 1 lead vocal with stereo tracked doubles, 1 stereo tracked octave and 2 stereo tracked harmony as needed.
CUSTOM QUOTE: If you need more vocal tracks than listed above, please let me know and I can give a custom quote.

I am recording with a Shure SM7b, Logic Pro X, Apollo Twin MKII and through the UAD Neve 1073 Unison pre-amp.

Upon delivering the tracks, I will gladly make 1 revision. However, any changes to your original lyric or melody should not be considered revisions to my work and I will charge an extra revision fee.

If you plan to release your song commercially or pitch to others, I would love to discuss your project.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your project, please contact me.

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