Colin Smith for $250

In Vocals (Male) By Colin Smith

Colin Smith for $250

Hi! I'm a very experienced recording and touring artist with over 20 years experience. I've toured the world with original material and in support of some the biggest names (Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Adele, 50 Cent). Recently featured on Trance DJ Duo Super 8 & Tab single "Hurricane Love", and on my own "Is It Ever Now".

As a writer, I particularly love top-lining and lyric writing. I've had my songs feature in major feature films, tv, and commercials.

I pride myself in my range of styles and adaptability, from rock to delicate ballads and everything in between.

For top-lining with melody and lyric, an mp3 of the track, preferably with a title and any references for direction and meaning.

I can also write lyrics to an existing melody or vice versa, same references would apply.

I will deliver clean, unprocessed vocals. Comped and tuned if you prefer, or a take folder for you to edit.

Multiple parts and laters are fine, and again I enjoy getting those things right. I don't wanna put a number on tracks, because it depends on the song, but I'm def reasonable.

Apollo and focusrite pre-amps; AKG 314 mic.

I don't mix.

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