Lead & Background Vocals with Editing/Tuning for $150

In Vocals (Male) By James Nagel

Lead & Background Vocals with Editing/Tuning for $150

I have worked as a professional session vocalist for the last 10 years singing on demos for labels and studios in Nashville, New York and LA. My vocals have been featured on radio and in hit TV shows like ABC’s Nashville, NCIS, and Survivor just to name a few. I record all my vocals using both digital and analog high-end recording equipment: Neumann TLM 103 through Neve 1073 through UA 1176 into Apollo convertors. Recording and editing is done primary in Pro Tools.

Being a songwriter and producer myself, I understand that when it comes to your song the vocal is the most important part and nothing should be skimped on. All that being said, this service includes:

-1 lead vocal with up to 2 doubles
-2 harmonies with doubles if desired

I will also comp, edit and tune (if desired or needed, I don’t go overboard here) all vocal stems for you so they are ready to go for mixing. Vocals stems will come dry as high quality WAV files unless otherwise requested from you.

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