Multi-Genre Male Vox (Lead/Bkg)-Pop, Rock, Indie, Acoustic for $130

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Thomas J.

Multi-Genre Male Vox (Lead/Bkg)-Pop, Rock, Indie, Acoustic for $130

Hi! My name is Tom and....

- I've worked and written with w/ Grammy nominated Hit-Songwriters like Shea Taylor (Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Ne-Yo) & Appu Krishnan (Christina Aguilera)
- I've toured as the lead singer of the band Ghosts of Eden for 7 years
- I've signed several songs with my voice to Licensing and Publishing companies for use on TV & Film

-I LOVE recording vocals and would love to help bring your songs to life!


-If you want a singer-songwriter, I can also WRITE and RECORD vocals for your song for an additional rate. Just send me a message.

-I have pro gear:
(Neumann TLM 49 microphone, Logic Pro X, UA Appollo Twin II interface)

- I provide lead vocals (incl. doubles) AND harmonies for the base rate of $140*
- I will comp the vocals myself
- For an extra $30 ($170) I will edit & tune the vocals myself. Otherwise, I send back dry unedited and untuned vocals. Just message me!

- ALL audio samples in my profile and Soundcloud are songs I tracked vocals for in my home studio (and then later mixed and tuned by the producers). I also wrote the melody and lyrics for these, so if you're interested in my writing service as well, let me know!
- I also write more traditional Pop and EDM Toplines as well.

*These rates only apply to songs under 5 minutes. Longer duration songs are negotiable.

If you'd like to release and feature me on the song, please discuss with me first as I typically would ask for a % of the master, but I'm flexible! Let's chat! :)
Any questions? Send me a message!

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