Dominent Jazz Vocalist/Crooner for $250

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Andrew DeLong

Dominent Jazz Vocalist/Crooner for $250

Sinatra and Buble' are my sound. I'm a Berklee Grad who's worked with Grammy nominated and Oscar winning composers. I've had the privilege of singing on Adam Lambert's debut Platinum selling album and was humbled by getting to sing in the same studio as Frank Sinatra at Capitol Records Studio A. I track all of my vocals in my London based studio.

If you're looking for a Buble/Sinatra sound, you've found it. Andrew provides top-level vocals from his London based recording studio. His studio is equipped with multiple microphones including a ribbon mic - for that classic, buttery crooner sound, API preamps, Apogee converters, and hundreds of plug-ins to make sure he delivers the flavors you're looking for.

Andrew has studied vocal performance at Berklee College of Music where he was a recipient of the World Tour Scholarship. He is well versed in all styles and genres of music but has a passion for Jazz. Available for hire to record lead vocals and/or harmonies, as well as vocal tuning and comping, and top line/lyric writing.

Price includes:
*Dry Lead vocals with 2 revisions
*Harmonies up to 2 parts
*Ad libs

Extra Costs:
*Extra harmonies $50 per harmony line
*Vocal Processing to fit the vocal in your track $50
*If you intend to use my vocals for anything other than a Demo recording there is an additional Buy-Out fee of $150.

Andrew DeLong Jazz Demo

5 samples of Crooner/Swing
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