Pro Vocals w/ Big Range Alt Rock Pop Indie for $100

In Vocals (Male) By Ashkan

Pro Vocals w/ Big Range Alt Rock Pop Indie for $100

Versatile session vocalist in Nashville, TN w/ active sync placements, a developed dynamic voice & a broad range of stylings from Queen, Foster the People, Young the Giant, Imagine Dragons, U2, BORNS, Kings of Leon, more!

I'm Ashkan, a studio session vocalist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, & singer of a national touring alt/rock band in Nashville, TN with several years of experience performing in the studio & live environments allowing songs I've worked on to be featured on many sync & licensing fronts.

To keep the process easy:
Send me your song and lyrics as well as a reference for the melody you have in mind, and I'll send you back rock solid vocals, that are snapped to grid and in time. Just drop them in. My main focus is to create a comfortable and seamless interaction for you.

*If I have any questions or ideas, I'll run them by you before spending too much time on something that you may not like. Please feel free to do so before we start anything.

- All vocals pitch-corrected & edited
- A lead vocal with 2 doubles,
- Tasteful harmonies where necessary
- Additional BGV's where needed (octaves, produced, driven vocals etc..)
- Dry & Wet vocal versions

// PRICE //
- This PKG Includes - Lead Vocal w/ 2 doubles, 1 harmony (minimum), 1 octave.

Other PKGS:
- $200 - Lead Vocal w/ 2 doubles, 2 harmonies, 1-2 octaves & additional BGVs throughout for you to pick and choose from.

// GEAR //
Logic Pro X
Shure SM7
Telefunken m80
sE Electronic DM1
Apollo Twin Duo
JHS Colour Box
TC Helicon Voicelive Play
Eventide H9
(more gear below)

I'll allow 1 round of revisions as long as what is being revised isn't a change from your original melody guide or lyrics that you send. If I have a concern with lyrics not fitting within the song or phrasing I'll reach out before going to far so we can figure something out.
*Addt'l. rounds start at $50

If you're going to do this, please specify so that we can discuss your intentions. I have experience in this area and I usually have different pricing depending on the use of my vocals for your song.

// ADDT'L. GEAR //
Mesa Mark V 25
Supro Thunderbolt +
McPherson 4.5 Red Macassar Acoustic GTR
2 Fender Jazzmasters 1 w/ Kinman Noiseless PUP & 1 w/ Novaks
Reverend Flatroc
Reverend Buckshot
Reverend Pete Anderson Nashville Tele
Fender PJ Bass
Fender Jaguar Bass
Korg Microkorg
SoundToys 5
iZotope Adv

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