Sync Ready Production INDIE, ROCK, POP for $500

In Song Production By Ashkan

Sync Ready Production INDIE, ROCK, POP for $500

Versatile songwriting & production in Nashville, TN w/ active sync placements, a developed music palette, and a broad range of indie/alternative stylings from Young the Giant, Queen, Tame Impala, Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, U2, BORNS, more!

// ABOUT ME //
I'm Ashkan, a producer, session vocalist, songwriter & singer of a national touring alt/rock band in Nashville, TN.

I got into production because I got tired of the songs I was taking into the studio NOT sounding the way I heard them in my head. I finally realized that I needed to start shaping things at the source, go deeper into the recording process, sound design, and learn to mix solid sync ready productions. My goal is to help other artists do the same while keeping things focused and on track.

With several years of experience writing & performing in the studio & live environments, I've been able to produce tracks that have been used on many sync/licensing fronts.

1. Send me your demo. This could be a full production or just you singing and playing guitar. The goal is to send me something that communicates your idea AS CLEARLY as you can.

2. You let me know a few tracks and stylings that you like and I'll build a very simple instrumental sample for you to hear. The goal is broad strokes w/out a TON of production, and to at least create the 'vibe' of your track.

3. Once we nail down the direction I'll really start to finish out the track, send to you and you can provide me with feedback. I allow up to 3 revisions. (each add'tl is $50)

4. Once everything is polished I'll move to mixing your track. I allow 2 revision rounds for mixing! (each add'tl is $50)

// MY GEAR //
I produce from my home studio in Nashville, TN with the following gear.

Apollo Twin Duo
Logic Pro X
Behringer X32 (for more inputs & bussing)
Shure SM7
Telefunken m80
sE Electronic DM1
SoundToys 5
Arturia V Suite
Tal-UNO / Juno 60
iZotope Ozone & Neutron
UAD Plugins - a lot :)

Pedals & Outboard Gear:
JHS Colour Box
TC Helicon Voicelive Play
Eventide H9
Greer Lightspeed
Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl
Chase Bliss Brothers
1981 DRV
Wampler EGO Compressor
BB Preamp
Strymon Timeline

Instruments & Amps:
Mesa Mark V 25
Supro Thunderbolt +
McPherson 4.5 Red Macassar Acoustic GTR
2 Fender Jazzmasters 1 w/ Kinman Noiseless PUP & 1 w/ Novaks
Reverend Flatroc
Reverend Buckshot
Reverend Pete Anderson Nashville Tele
Fender PJ Bass
Fender Jaguar Bass
Korg Microkorg

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