Professional Vocals (Lead & Background) for $125

In Vocals (Male) By KayJay

Professional Vocals (Lead & Background) for $125

My name is KayJay.I've been in the music business for over 15 years. I have a Audio/Video production company and do this for a living.

I will bring your song to life with quality and professional vocals for your project. I sing a variety of genres. I've worked with Angie Stone, Bobbie V. and more. A few of my inspirations are Eric Bellinger, Bobbie V.

This gig comes complete with lead and background vocals (adlibs if desired) and up to 3 part harmonies.
A light mix will be included unless stated otherwise by you.

You will receive a raw version or tagged copy of your demo for review. If needed, vocal correction requests must be made within 24 hours of receiving your demo. Once approved by you, you will receive a full mixed demo in .wav and mp3 formats.

If there is something questionable or if I can make your song even better than it already is I will contact you first with suggestions and/or approval to make small changes.

If my name and vocals are associated with your project it has to be right and of top quality. Let me get started on your project today. Please listen to some of my sample vocals from my SoundCloud.

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