Male Lead Vocals/Backgrounds (Warm tone/Versatile) for $200

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Male Lead Vocals/Backgrounds (Warm tone/Versatile) for $200

I'm a session singer based in Los Angeles with recent work for entertainment brands including Atlantic Records, Comedy Central, Netflix, Electronic Arts Inc., LinkedIn, Western Union and Sounds Like That among others.

Additionally, I have over 15 years of studio and live experience singing for demos, albums and film scores as well as concerts and live productions! I have a degree in Commercial Music from Azusa Pacific University and can read sheet music or learn by ear. I sing in musical theater, classical, jazz, soul and contemporary/pop styles. Check out my demos for examples!

My voice is similar to artists like Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Ben Platt among others. My vocal range is Bb2 to F5.

The product:
WAV files of lead vocal track & backing vocals - un-produced, with basic harmony parts (usually on the chorus).

My home studio set-up:
Rode NTK microphone
pop filter
Apollo Twin Duo
Logic Pro X
Waves/UA plugins.

Vocal Demo Reel 2018

Vocal Reel
  • Vocal Demo Reel 2018

16 Reviews

  1. Review By: isagyeman1 Oct 11, 2018

    Josh is absolutely amazing! beautiful sound, sings in tune and has a great musical sense. He has a lot of impressive credits to his name already and now I know why. Will definitely use again.

  2. Review By: mikalangelo Aug 1, 2018

    Josh did an excellent job providing the lead vocals for my track. Highly recommend his service!

  3. Review By: cubest Jul 26, 2018

    Great using this facility.
    Working with Josh was a professional experience, no hassles, good to go!

  4. Review By: charlesharnach Jun 22, 2018

    Once again Josh delivered some really nice vocals. What a pleasure to work with!

  5. Review By: Davidjeff Jun 12, 2018

    Josh has an amazing voice and will definitely enhance any project you have.

  6. Review By: daveinlaca May 25, 2018

    Josh has a great warm voice and great musical instincts. Great job!

  7. Review By: matteb May 20, 2018

    Josh has a great voice.. We needed a male voice for a duet and he was perfect for this project.
    Very easy to deal with him, and very prompt replying to our requests.
    Thanks Josh!
    Will certainly hire him again one day.

  8. Review By: charlesharnach May 12, 2018

    Josh did and outstanding job with vocals on my track. Good pitch, great range and good interpretation of the material. I'll be using Josh again!

  9. Review By: Gimula May 10, 2018

    Josh has a special voice tone and expressiveness that fitted perfectly with the song.I was so pleased with the outcome and I strongly recommend him. Thanks Josh

  10. Review By: ChrisAlpha May 4, 2018

    Josh did an awesome job

  11. Review By: lindajk Jan 21, 2018

    Josh did another beautiful vocal for me. His voice is exceptional. He is very professional and accommodating and I eagerly look forward to working with him again.

  12. Review By: normiebongos Jan 6, 2018

    Beautiful pop voice! Super friendly and easy to work with.

  13. Review By: lindajk Sep 28, 2017

    Josh has a great voice and follows directions well. This was my third vocalist for this song and Josh finally got it right. Good experience.

  14. Review By: normiebongos Sep 5, 2017

    Great singer! Fast turn around. Very friendly.

  15. Review By: aevangelista7 Jul 18, 2017

    Extremely fast delivery and outstanding performance.

  16. Review By: aevangelista7 Jul 18, 2017

    Extremely fast delivery and outstanding performance.