Professional, Versatile, British Male Pop / Rock Vocals for $99

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Shawn Radley

Professional, Versatile, British Male Pop / Rock Vocals for $99

Unique, professional and versatile male vocals for your song.

My name is Shawn and I'm a singer from the UK. I have 15+ years of singing and lyric writing experience and currently sing for a nationally touring rock band. I have a versatile, unique voice suited mainly towards pop and rock music, and a large vocal range that will elevate your song and take it to the next level. I have a lot of knowledge of vocal production, and bags of experience in the studio. I am confident that I can help bring your vision of your song to life.

- Send me your song instrumental, your lyrics, and a reference of the vocal melody. (Harmonies included if wanted). If you don't already have a vocal melody, no problem! I can get creative with it.
- I will record a high-level, tuned lead vocal for your song. All vocals will be of high quality. You will be able to drag and drop the vocals straight onto your track.

I record using a Scarlett Focusrite interface and a high quality studio condenser microphone, with a pop shield in my studio.

Once you have received the vocal track(s), you may request 2 revisions if needed.

I also offer a great value lyric-writing service if you'd like them written too. Please contact me for more info.

Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your project in detail together.

After the Storm

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