Singer & Topline Specialist for $199

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Singer & Topline Specialist for $199

Committed and creative, each song I record is a personal experience for me. I enjoy helping talented songwriters through the struggles of creating lyrics and melodies, then providing a passionate voice to polish the songs to perfection. Credits include Paramount Music and a licensing deal through 411 Music Licensing Company.

I became an online session singer in response to a high demand for professional, creative and dedicated musicians around the world. I have the honor of writing for several music licensing companies and movie production companies here in LA, and my goal is to offer my expertise to the rest of the world through online recording and topline. As the music industry continues to change, more and more songwriters and artists are now finding a platform to write, record, perform and be heard. What some considered to be the end of the industry has now revealed itself to be a gift to artists who would have never been discovered had the status quo never changed. This change has also created a high demand for professional musicians. In addition, the internet has allowed for unlimited creative possibilities, connecting musicians across the globe.
I can adapt to any scenario you need. From hard rock to country to pop, I will find the voice your song deserves and create an amazing experience through the recording process and beyond. I thrive on creating topline for artists with songs but struggle with lyrics and melodies. I enjoy understanding what the songwriter is trying to communicate and putting that into words to make the song complete. Let's not just write another song, let's create an experience.

Equipment includes: Personal music studio in Los Angeles, CA, Focusrite Clarett 8Pre, AudioTechnica 4033A, KRK Rokit6 monitors.

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  1. Review By: larsbeat Mar 12, 2019

    Chris did a great job on my track and has a really cool voice! Really dig the results and look forward to working with him again!