Professional Vocals For Your Music for $350

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Jazz Mino

Professional Vocals For Your Music for $350

Established, professional, unique vocals and toplines for your music!

Hey, my name is Jazz and I'm a pop artist, vocalist and topliner with over 20 million streams across Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and a UK Club Chart No.5. I have over 8 years experience recording vocals, I've recorded session vocals and written toplines for major label releases.

My vocals are extremely versatile and I can sing and write in most genres, and I specialise in Pop and EDM. Any questions please don't hesitate to send me a message :)

Here is a list of some achievements clients have made with my vocals and songwriting:

- UK Club Chart number 5
- Spotify New Music Friday and other big Spotify official playlists
- International in-store playlisting in Topshop, Topman, The Body Shop, PureGym, Old Navy.
- Sync deals and track features on big UK TV programmes such as The Only Way Is Essex
- Major label releases
- Over 15 million streams on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc


Vocals for your melody and lyrics $350 (including double tracking, harmonies, ad libs and vocal editing).

Writing a full topline (written the lyrics and melody over your track including a full professional vocal), starts from - $500

Full dry stems will be delivered upon final payment

Turn Around Time:
Usually 3-7 days depending on the size of the project

To chat about your project and how I can help, get in touch by messaging me on Airgigs.

Please note that with all of my Airgigs work, I do not use my artist name, and you will own the entire master

Over you - Hogland feat. Jazz Mino (EDM)

Vocal and topline by myself
  • Over you - Hogland feat. Jazz Mino (EDM)
  • Crush - Jennifer Paige cover (Pop/EDM)
  • Together In Electric Dreams - Phil Oaky cover (Pop/EDM)
  • New Girlfriend
  • Happiness
  • Like A Drunk Girl
  • Misunderstand
  • Old Friends
  • Warriors
  • Part Of This

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